Athar Jaber


“Io intendo scultura, quella che si fa per forza di levare”

“I mean sculpture, that which one does by means of removal”

– Michelangelo Buonarroti –




Per Forza di Levare, is a practice based PhD in the Arts that I am currently pursuing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and the University of Antwerp.

The research explores the relation between sculpture, as understood in it’s most basic definition, and violence in all its forms. It provocatively departs from a the above mentioned definition of sculpture, questioning it’s implications in case of a strict hermeneutic interpretation. 

This platform is meant to share the data that inform the research. The bibliography, being an essential constituent of that information, provides the theoretical background through which the sculptural practice will unfold. The book notes are personal reflections on the consulted literature which, is important to mention, is read with the mind of a sculptor that is trying to make sense of his practice through a study of philosophical and socio-political theories on the topic of violence. The visual database functions by associative qualities, bringing every day’s events into one’s artistic practice. The synergy of text and imagery should create a synthesis that reflects the complexity of our existence and its entanglement with violence. 

The actual result of the PhD, the artistic production that ranges from sculpture, performance, video, photography and writing can be seen and read on my main personal website here. 

Disclaimer: the personal writings contained in these pages represent my thoughts and reflections on specific topics at the time when I was writing about them. Meanwhile, it is very possible that my opinion on certain subjects has evolved, resulting in possible disagreements with my previous views. And I vividly hope so, as the shift of thoughts would stand for change, and maybe even progress…