On Sculpture and Violence


A small collection of what I’ve found interesting on the web relevant to the central topic of this research.


Forensic Architecture, a multidisciplinary research group based at the University of London that uses architectural techniques and technologies to investigate cases of state violence and violations of human rights around the world.

Histories of Violence, a multi-media forum dedicated to exploring the theoretical, empirical and aesthetic dimensions to violence.

Histories of Violence Collective, a place for scholars and educators pursuing interdisciplinary historical studies of violence.

Critical Mourning, about race, about violence, about religion, about empire, about politics, about life, about death.

Josh Begley, data artist, web & graphic designer Josh Begley’s work includes much of interest, including projects documenting drone strikes, prison geographies, and sites of police violence, among other.

Fatal Migrations, some of the places where people died while trying to cross the Border.

Dronestream, real-time and historical data about every reported covert US drone strike.

Prison Photography, surveillance, fine-art, documentary, amateur, institution, and virtual photographies of prisons and other sites of incarceration, curated by Pete Brook.


Online Articles:

Is Violence Embedded in our DNA? – Sapiens

Slavoj Zizek and Violence – Not Even Past

Fanon on Violence and the Person – Critical Legal Thinking

Nature or Nurture: is Violence in our Genes?

The Perils of Being a Black Philosopher – The New York Times

The Refugee Crisis is Humanity’s Crisis – The New York Times

Our Crime against the Planet, and Ourselves – The New York Times

The Violence of Forgetting – The New York Times

When law is not Justice – The New York Times

Theater of Violence – the New York Times

What Protest Looks Like – The New York Times

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The Intellectual Life of Violence – The New York Times

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