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Learn to carve stone in Athar Jaber’s personal studio under his attentive eye.

About this class

Learn to carve stone in Athar Jaber’s personal studio under his attentive eye.
The weekend classes cover all aspects of stone carving for all skill levels.

Every other weekend, Athar Jaber and his studio are available for private classes to no more than 4 students. This low student to teacher ratio will allow to provide the required attention to each student’s ambition and skill level.

The studio is equipped with plenty of plaster casts to copy from. They range from architectural & ornamental carving to figurative stone sculpture as well as letter carving. But you are more than welcome to bring your own ideas along so that we can help you realise them in stone.

Weekend classes cost 250 per person. Everything you need to produce your carved piece such as tools, safety equipment & space will be provided, as well as Athar Jaber’s personal guidance. For exercises such as letter carving and small reliefs, the stone will be provided as well. For larger projects, a particular stone can be provided at an additional fee.

After only one weekend, you will leave with the basic skills & knowledge needed to continue carving. Once you have completed a course, Athar Jaber will be further available to give you advice & guidance on sourcing of tools, stone, etc.

What you will learn

introduction to basic tools and techniques

letter carving

ornamental sculpture

architectural sculpture

figurative sculpture

and much more (depending on you entry level)

Course informations

Class duration: 5 hrs/day

Difficulty: all levels

Course instructor: Athar Jaber

What's included


Make use of Athar Jaber's fully equipped studio.

Stone carving tools

All the necessary stone carving tools and safety equipment will be available.

Personal tutoring

Athar Jaber will be available for
5 hrs/day for your of personal guidance.

Plaster Cast model

Plaster casts of various subjects are available to copy from.


Stone fro small exercises is included. For larger projects a stone will pbe provided at an additional fee.

Private Facebook Group

Share your progress and results with fellow students from across the world.

Who is this course for?

The weekend classes are designed to cover all aspects of stone carving for all skill levels.


Advanced students

Intermediate students

Professional artists

About Athar Jaber

Athar Jaber is a contemporary artist with an established international career. He exhibited in various international venues around the world such as Washington D.C., Miami, Dubai, London, Berlin, Prague, Zurich, Rome, Florence, Havana among many others. He is specialized in stone carving and has been teaching the craft for more than a decade.

He has a PhD in the Arts and is an Associate Professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. He has been a visiting professor at Florence’s Art Academy, Florence’s Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Madrid’s University, the University of Ghent, Zurich’s ETH, and Havana’s Institute of Art.

Weekend Classes

Learn to carve stone in Athar Jaber's personal studio under his attentive eye.

What's inside

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