Athar Jaber


The courses are for anyone who wants to invest in themselves and develop their sculptural insight and skill. From beginner amateurs and students, to professional sculptors wanting to widen widen their portfolio.

The videos are currently streaming-only.

For a lifetime! You will receive all updates and all new content for the course you are subscribed to.

For the best experience I recommend an internet-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with the latest software update. And of course, a small workshop equipped for stone carving purposes is recommended.

Yes! We offer online courses for artists of all levels. Whether you have never sharpened a chisel or you are a working professional artist, we have appropriate art lessons for you.  

Yes! Every course includes live calls with Athar for a total of 1 hour. He will answer any of your questions from students. Additional feedback and critiques are also available through my optional coaching program.

The courses provide foundational stone carving training that rivals that of traditional art schools. But your subscription does not provide a degree or college credit at this time.