Athar Jaber

Material: 2 Plastic bags. One containing 1 gram of marble powder, the other an original print. 
Size: bag 1: 7 cm x 4 cm. Bag 2: 13,5 x 8 cm
Edition: 100
Price: € 50

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CaCO3 (The chemical name of marble)  is a limited edition consisting of 1 gram of marble powder and an original print. The original print is a drawing of the statue of the Virgin of Candelaria in Tenerife. Carved on the drapery of the original statue were strange sequences of letters whose meaning is still unknown. These sequences have been carved by Athar Jaber onto a marble slab and the marble dust produced during the process has been collected into the 1 gram plastic bags. 

POEM: 2 February.