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Letter Carving Masterclass

Learn the skill of sculpting stone or marble.
During this online course Athar Jaber will teach you what you need to know to carve your own letters.
It's the first step in a long series of masterclasses.

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So grateful for the care and detail given to this course. The camera work is superb. You don’t miss a single hammer strike – you are much closer than if you were looking over his shoulder!

Scott Mackenzie

Software Developer, Automattic Inc
Top tier content. Athar is very knowledgeable and talented. He is also particularly good at breaking things down and teaching them. Not all artists make good teachers, but he definitely makes one.

Ari Bayvertyan

Bookseller and Musician
Athar Jaber’s courses are amazing! The amount of information provided by the video content and the PDF’s is concise and precisely on point. totally worth the investment!

Gwendolin Leblanc


Who is Athar?

Athar Jaber is a contemporary artist with an established international career. He exhibited in various international venues around the world such as Washington D.C., Miami, Dubai, London, Berlin, Prague, Zurich, Rome, Florence, Havana among many others.
He is specialized in stone carving and has been teaching the craft for more than a decade.
He is a lecturer of stone carving at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts and has been a visiting professor at Florence’s Art Academy, Florence’s Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Madrid’s University, the University of Ghent, Zurich’s ETH, and Havana’s Institute of Art.

What you will learn

Professional letter carvers have arguably the most delicate mastery over the use of hammer and chisel. This course is ideal to build up confidence with these tools. A wide variety of cutting techniques will be taught and demonstrated.

Professional letter carvers have arguably the most delicate mastery over the use of hammer and chisel. This course is ideal to build up confidence with these tools. A wide variety of cutting techniques will be taught and demonstrated.

The V-cut Roman Capital will be the main focus of this letter carving course. A study of its design is essential for anyone who is interested in lettering.

Whether your are a sculptor, a stonemason, a calligrapher or a graphic designer, the knowledge and insight that you will gain from carving letters into stone is invaluable as the enduring art form continues to have many uses in both historic and contemporary contexts. 

What my students say​

Who is this course for?

This letter carving course is suitable for all skill levels, whether you are a passionate beginner eager to learn, or a professional looking to expand your skill set. 

Beginner and intermediate sculpture students

Sculpture and calligraphy teachers

Professional sculptors and calligraphers


Graphic designers

Anyone interested in lettering

What you will be able to do after taking the course

What's included

One-on-one mentoring

60 minutes of personal mentoring through scheduled online calls (4 calls of 15 minutes each).

PDF guidesheets

Downloadable PDF sheets with detailed explanations of the different stages of the work.

Video tutorials

+6 hours of video content. Through Real-time carving demonstrations, Athar will guide you through the whole process step by step.

Carving methodology

Real-time step-by-step carving demonstrations.

Optional toolkit set

For an additional cost, a set of all the tools needed will be shipped to you.

1. Welcome
2. Required Materials
3. Lesson 1: Chisels
4. Lesson 2: Hammers
5. Lesson 3: The Stone
6. Lesson 4: Light Setup
7. Lesson 5: Stone Setup
8. Lesson 6: The Chisels
9. Lesson 7: The Hammer
10. Lesson 8: Health and Safety
11. Lesson 9: Roman Capital Letters: Design and
12. Lesson 10: Illustrated V-Cut Diagram
13. Lesson 11: Chisel Inclinations
14. Lesson 12: Chasing and Chopping
15. Lesson 13: Straight Vertical Lines
16. Lesson 14: Straight Horizontal Lines
17. Lesson 15: Upwards and Downwards Serifs
18. Lesson 16: Diamonds and Squares
19. Lesson 17: The Letter I
20. Lesson 18: The Letter E
21. Lesson 19: The Letter A
22. Lesson 20: The Letter O
23. PDF 1: Tracing Templates
24. PDF 2: Carving Directions
25. PDF 3: Intersections
26. Bibliography

This online class will mainly consist of high-quality instructional videos. They will thoroughly discuss all aspects relevant to letter carving: from studio setup, tools and techniques and finally, demonstrations of the carving of letters with real time commentary. You will be able to watch your instructor carve the exercise from close-up and from an ideal vantage point. During the process, the instructor will provide detailed explanations of their actions and guide you through each step. The course also includes downloadable PDF sample sheets that complement the instructional videos.

Following the step by step process, the course will enable you to carve your first Roman capital letter in your own workspace and according to your own tempo. You can share the process with your instructor through pictures and videos and they will be available through online video calls to answer your questions and help you out with additional comments and demos where needed.

It's like you're in class, except that you will be able to engage according to your agenda without missing out on anything!

Letter Carving Masterclass Box

Letter carving

Go beyond theory and immerse yourself in the process and techniques to master the art of letter carving.  

What's inside

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