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Driven by a deep passion for sculpture, I aim to share my insight and knowledge on the subject to help you become a better sculptor. For this purpose, I have set up a wide variety of online and offline stone carving courses, private tutoring, and coaching.

These online courses are for all skill levels and cover many aspects of stone carving, from figurative and ornamental sculpture to lettering and stone masonry. The courses are designed to eliminate barriers of modern education such as cost, time, and accessibility. This is possible by leveraging contemporary media platforms, social networks, and distance-based learning tools. You will be able to access the content whenever your agenda permits and learn at your own pace.

Letter Carving Masterclass

In this online course I will teach you how to carve letters and help you getting started on your own.

Letter Carving Holiday in Tuscany

A seven day letter carving course at a magnificent, 18th Century Tuscan Country House.

Baroque Putto Masterclass

This online course will provide you with unique insight into the underlying structure of many sculptures. 

Stone Carving Holiday in Tuscany

A seven day stone carving course at a magnificent, 18th Century Tuscan Country House.

Private Tutoring

You will have the opportunity to carve your own sculpture in my fully equipped studio under my guidance.

Weekend Classes

weekend sessions throughout the year, from my fully equipped stone workshop.

A global reach

I aim to share my insight and knowledge about sculpture with as many people as possible. The advantages of online education make it possible to reach people all over the globe, as is evidenced by the worldwide network of students that took these courses

World Map Students + Pointers Layers 07-05-2021

What my students say

So grateful for the care and detail given to this course. The camera work is superb. You don’t miss a single hammer strike – you are much closer than if you were looking over his shoulder!

Scott Mackenzie

Software Developer, Automattic Inc

Top tier content. Athar is very knowledgeable and talented. He is also particularly good at breaking things down and teaching them. Not all artists make good teachers, but he definitely makes one. <br>I highly recommend just jumping in and taking the course. You will be in good hands!

Ari Bayvertyan

Bookseller and Musician
Athar Jaber’s courses are amazing! The amount of information provided by the video content and the PDF’s is concise and precisely on point. totally worth the investment!

Gwendolin Leblanc


I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing for a great introduction to stone carving.

Michael Stingle


Athar’s courses are very clear and extremely thorough. As a beginner they have been incredibly helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to learn the craft of stone carving!

Conor O'Connor


Excellent online letter carving class!
The demonstration videos are superb, giving a level of close-up vision which I haven’t been able to gain even in real life at the various carving evening class I attended.

Peter Davies



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